"Seed" Released in Texas
My short story collection "Seed" is now available for sale in Austin, Texas.

The Gutenberg Bible of dicks!

Here's a sample story called "Fuckchanged" from the collection that you can read for free.

The collection is only available as a digital sculpture. Each of the ten stories on "Seed" is available in every possible ebook format, along with both live and studio audio recordings. Also included on "Seed" is a .pdf bookblock formatted especially for the Espresso Book Machine. All of this information has been crammed into a 2 gig flash drive shaped like a dick, available in many colors.

So many damn colors!

Here's a long essay about why this is happening.

Here's a different long essay about why this is happening, without any "dick pics."

The nutshell is that before a person becomes a "real writer" they ought to have a chance to sow their wild oats.

As sleek and stylish as European motorcycles!

If you want a copy of "Seed" and you live in Austin, the collection is available for $20 at Forbidden Fruit on North Loop. Even if you don't want a copy of "Seed," you should do your sex shopping at Forbidden Fruit anyway "where every day is Valentine's Day."

It looks bigger from the side!

"Seed" will be available for sale on December 13th at Forbidden Fruit's Christmas Party at Phara's on North Loop, where there will also be belly dancing.

"Seed" will also be for sale at Beerland on December 16th from 8 PM to 9:30 PM, where "The Fiction Circus Gold Team" will be performing alongside the Parisian-expatriate cabaret duo "Le Sexy," a smoldering pair who do covers of bullshit American music and inseminate these lifeless tunes with throbbing Gallic soul.

Fire and ice!

Olivier, the piano player for "Le Sexy," will be providing incidental music for live performances of stories from "Seed."

Also, not only is December 16th my birthday, it is also the birthday of Bill Hicks and Philip K. Dick.

Whisper whisper!

So if you are in Austin and you don't come, you can just go fuck yourself.

Preferably with a copy of my new short story collection!

Go fuck yourself! With fiction!

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