The Art of Ecstatics
May 6, 1993

"The Art of Ecstatics" was an aural art installation implemented by Yocto Angstrom in 1993. The installation occupied warehouse space in Manhattan's Meatpacking District in New York City, and the focus of the exhibition was on the manipulation of surfaces to create audio waveforms.

The pamphlet distributed at the exhibit went on to become more famous than the exhibit itself. The full text is reproduced below:


Reconstructing through pale grey oblivion, after a disintegration of values, mores, sociopolitical guidelines falsely governing free human action-- what follows deconstruction? Prophetic undertones which crescendo to territories that are uncharted. Love streaming sensefully through galaxies and a continuation of cycles past, just dominating the gospellic visions.

Chart the uncharted space after a swim with the celestial beast. Cumulus horizons of hyperborean tendencies and mixtures of those chemicals with the radio on.

Polarizing forces eliminate global policies binding senselessly the senseful, those relying only on perception of three-dimensions because it is all the experience possible. Past Yemen and the Bering Strait, the corruptor seeks to annihilate. Just before the struggle collapses, a void of oblivion undulating under pigeonswarms. Collision is evitable. Exitable, when a connection through an integration of worship and time unseen. Pur(e)ity, pureness of thought and being should be the ultimate possessing force. Playing through fire, dancing under through about above beyond aside after against amidst among along beside between below belonging to pert hard homonyms, synonyms, anagrams, Afghanistans, pure trounced a Bushbuffoon picturing the under and the poles. And the Poles. Pan's creation under idyllic moon offering intricate watercolours of the world's pinch. Molecular toppings to a quark filled world.

Little ponds little numb pushing this surrender, my discorrosion. Play again love. Kiss. Man in journeys created by love. Pills grill, spaces fill, and the afterlife tomorrow, today the existence in parallels just Creole. Stews of just another destiny. Persimmons, penumbras, peaches, pears, and plums. Past the void of interatomic gesticulation, there is another voice coming through. 0pen to the greatness for names. Kiesa. Justlemoa, Politlovas. January made me quiver, February made me shiver. Undue man, undue. Pick through past parcels of storm, and you will see the divide. Just another Amon. Name this. Pole is the name of the pole. Name is the name Kiev. Rhine.

Polasy palsy . . .

Pale answer.