Knowthing Compendium
Johnny Autumnal
March 23, 2008

As I collected various bits of research from years of both reporting on and eventually becoming involved with the work of the Knowthing collective, I found it more and more compelling. However, even with my involvement in the community, I found it necessary to continually cross-reference data from newspaper articles, tape recorders, and videotapes. Sometimes the act of having to locate whatever data I was looking for prevented me from a full enjoyment of what I was reading originally. So when tech-savvy friends told me about the development of computer-based databases, I knew I had to act as quickly as possible.

I excitedly asked my friend Robert, "Wait, so I can have a program automatically collect data from my messy papers, categorize and classify it, and then convert it into zeroes and ones so that thousands of calculations are performed, the data is outputted to a screen, and people can watch, hear, or feel the significance of whatever I want them to?"

Robert nodded his head, pushed up his glasses and said, "Well, yeah, basically."

And here it is after years of work from Robert as well as numerous other collaborators too numerous to mention. In lieu of mentioning them here, I acknowledge them by filling in their entries with as much stuff as I know.

Explore the art of this strange group of people, and let their spirits of freedom free you.