Marie DuPrey
The Livery
March 17, 2008


Marie DuPrey is a member of the Knowthing community and a noted artist living in Romania. She is noted for introducing Johnny Autumnal to the Knowthing project.

In Introdoctrination, Autumnal has described her as "Beatrice, showing the fool poet that I was what Heaven was really like." Many critics have referred to Marie as the muse of Knowthing.

Art Career

Marie's focus is art installations, and some of her exhibitions have encompassed entire buildings in their scope. Her most famous installation is "Running in the City," an elaborate animatronic version of New York City which features over 100 robots as various New Yorkers. She is an avid tea aficionada and has incorporated tea into many of her works.

More Information

You can read more about Marie in the Yocto Angstron, Introdoctrination, and Each Grecian Mode nodes.