James Turgenine/Caleb Weeks in conversation
Johnny Autumnal transcription

JT: Caleb, can you pass me that bag?

CW: Sure, which one?

JT: The one with the drugs in it.

CW: Which bag with the drugs in it?

JT: Any of them, really. At this point in the evening, I'm pretty damned open to any drugs at all. Even wine in one of those little bags. Hell, even hemlock.

CW: I'll try not to pass you the hemlock bag. There's a certain kind of purity, some amount of sanctification, in resisting that when you're forced to drink it, right? I had a conversation with Zach on Sunday, and he told me he defines holiness as "disobeying human-instituted rules in favor of godliness."

JT: That almost sounds Pauline. This is Richter, right?

CW: Yeah, he's been busy coming up with this new medium. Live action television. The idea is that you have to stand in front of the TV and try to draw attention away from whatever's on while it's muted.

JT: I didn't necessarily mean Pauline as a compliment. Why the TV component?